A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Noxious is a small survival/maze game about trying to escape a poisonous world, by finding ingredients for a cure before it's too late. 

Game Information:

-Developed in Unity by one programmer.  

-Almost entirely procedural. From the maze generated at the start of the game to the items spawned within it, just about everything in Noxious is algorithmic and will be different with each play-through. 

-Four difficulty modes. Difficulty setting determines how many ingredients are needed for a cure, how many health potions you'll be able to find, and - on insane mode, how much damage the player takes from the poison. 


If you have an older computer or lower-end hardware, download "NoxiousForPotatoes.zip". 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my game! :) 

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder of your choosing, extract its contents into your desired location, run Noxious.exe, and voila. 


Noxious.zip 46 MB
NoxiousForPotatoes.zip 46 MB


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